To ensure all students, including disadvantaged students and those of color, have equitable teaching and resources. To educate the community on black history. 


  • Student scholarships

  • Black History Month program

  • Liaison between Johnson County schools and the community

  • African-American Read In program

Member Requirements:

  1. Dedicated individuals with a strong passion to serve and educate

  2. Energetic team players that are creative and can think outside the box.

 Gloria Snowden

Chair of Education 

Committee Members:

Judy Jackson, Harold Washington,

Wanda Vaughn, Wendy Griffin,

Willie Woods, Loren Foster & Jennifer Tanquary

2021  Scholarships 

Michael J. Baker Scholarship

The Michael J. Baker Scholarship was created by Michael J. Baker along with the JCNAACP to be awarded to an African-American undergraduate who demonstrates need and academic promise.

Corinthian R. Nutter Scholarship

The Corinthian Nutter Scholarship was created to honor the legacy of the late Corinthian Ricks Nutter, a pioneer educator.  Our purpose is to honor her work ethic, determination, community service and her willingness to speak out when few others would regarding the deplorable conditions at the all black Walker Elementary School in 1943.  Mrs. Nutter was considered "a voice ahead of her time."

CURE Epilepsy

Education Enrichment Fund

Thanks to the generous funding provided by Greenwich Biosciences, CURE Epilepsy is proud to launch the 2021 CURE Epilepsy Education Enrichment Fund (EEF) Scholarship Program. The purpose of the EEF Program is to provide one-time scholarships of up to $5,000 USD for those who are living with epilepsy, including patients, and family members or caregivers of persons with epilepsy. The intent of these scholarships is for use toward coursework designed to advance the applicant's personal knowledge in research, health education, or advocacy, as it relates to their own struggles with this neurological disease.