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Johnson County

NAACP Chapter

The time is now. By becoming a member of Johnson County NAACP, you’ll join a network of activists standing up to injustice, fighting back against systemic racism, and answering the call for equality in Kansas.

Civil Rights, Social Justice, and You

As a member, you’ll make a difference each and every day in this fight and become part of a vibrant community of people who stand for justice and equality. NAACP relies on the commitment and dedication of our members to help us stand up to racial disparities that are still too prevalent in America.

Johnson County NAACP

  • Are you tired of injustices and inequalities going unnoticed?

  • Do you want to help build better relationships between the local Police and the Community?

  • Do you want the best education for the youth in your community?

  • If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are just the person we need to join our organization.

  • The Johnson County NAACP is here to serve the community and we need dedicated and passionate people to assist with addressing the questions above as well as many other items that affect our community.

Johnson County NAACP Memberships

To join our organization, see the steps and membership levels below and make a choice that best fits your needs.

* Includes a 1-Year subscription to The CRISIS Magazine, official publication of the NAACP 
** Fully-Paid Lifetime Membership Includes a 10-Year subscription to The CRISIS Magazine
$6 per year of the membership fee will be applied toward your subscription to The CRISIS

Regular Annual Membership*

$30 per year

(Ages 21 & older)



(Ages 20 & Under)



(Ages 17 & Under)

Bronze lifetime Membership**


(Ages 14-20)

Payable in annual installments of $50 or more



Payable in annual installments of $75 or more

Junior Lifetime Membership**


(Ages 13 & Under)

Payable in annual installments of $25 or more

Gold LifeTime Membership**


(Only available to Silver or Regular Life Members)

Payable in annual installments of $150 or more

Diamond Lifetime Membership**


(Only available to Gold or Golden Heritage Life Members)

Payable in annual installments of $200 or more

Annual Corporate*


For any additional questions regarding membership, please contact our Membership Chairs Valerie Johnson  or Wandra Minor, or call the branch office at

Membership Committee Chairs

Valerie Johnson


Wandra Minor


So glad to be a part of this great organization. Setting an example for my kids. Being a part of the change I want to see in the world. Starting in my own community!

Kevin J.

Johnson County NAACP Member